Data Centre of Excellence in London

Micro-Tech London (MTL) specializes in the Data Centre of Excellence (Data Management activities) undertaken as part of the project. Starting from identifying data sources to developing a strategy for cleansing/de-duping of key data, preparation of data architecture and mapping documents, interface definition for data movement, system load of master data as well as transactional data, and then finally getting post-load validation done – all of this can be performed under a project plan. Visit our Facebook page @MicroTechLondon

Key Activity Pillars of Data Centre of Excellence:

We can help you with following key activity pillars related to DATA :

Data Governance

 – defining data standards for business continuity

Data Architecture design

 – including interface between disparate systems

Master Data Management

 (prepare/de-dupe/upload/test/use/continuously manage)
Data Quality Monitoring / Data Cleansing

Handling Master Data

 (Customer, Vendor, Employee, Others) and Transactional Data (Accounts Receivable and Payable, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Others)

Temp and Resourcing Solutions

 – providing short-term staff for all kinds of data work

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