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sam jeebun

Sam Jeebun is the owner and director of Aster Healthcare (originating in Surrey) which is a family-run enterprise with over 30 years of experience working in the Healthcare industry.

Aster Healthcare opened its first home to residents in 2006 with the vision of offering short-term respite and long-term residency based on individual needs and assessments.

This is accomplished by providing full 24-hour nursing care with the aim of also supporting any additional care needs that may arise, catering to the elderly, and specializing in dementia care.

With this vision and experience in mind, the aster family has evolved over the years leading to the successful opening of a further three homes located in London, Worcestershire, and East Sussex.

The Aster family is passionate about providing the highest level of care and support for residents while maintaining an atmosphere that is productive and conducive to their individual care and needs. This is reinforced by the policies, vision, guidelines that Aster Healthcare keeps at the forefront and has led to them being a key leader in the healthcare industry.

The Aster family prides itself on providing an experience that feels like home because they believe that the transition from home to a Healthcare facility should be seamless and stress-free for both resident and family.

They have been able to accomplish this by providing industry-leading training and protocols to all staff, where they have reinforced the notion that the residents come first.

All Aster family homes are CQC (care quality commission) accredited and are assessed according to industry standards to maintain this level of excellence.

The ethos of the Aster family is rooted in the belief that residents care is paramount and at the forefront is their dignity and well-being, they strive to provide the best quality of life in their time of need, whether it be, people who may require personal support, nursing care or treatment for the disease, disorder, and injury.

As an industry leader, the Aster family has worked closely with medical professionals as well as other service industry providers and has developed a tried and tested individual approach that is evidence-based and tailor-made to provide the most effective treatment in a safe environment.

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